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Finding Your Home in Virginia

The state of Virginia is full of rich history, beautiful scenery, and nature. However, those are not the only qualities that make it the ideal place for finding your home. Access to high-quality education and a booming workforce create the perfect environment to raise a family or further your career. On the geographical side, Virginia boasts stretching mountain ranges and sandy beaches; this state truly has something for everyone. This article will cover some of the most notable locations to consider for your new home.

Newport News

Newport News sits on the northern shore of the peaceful James River. Over 40 neighborhoods make it one of Virginia’s largest coastal cities. It is an incredible place to live, work, and raise a family. There is a mixed workforce, and you can find employment within the professional or blue-collar trades. Newport News shipbuilding provides thousands of jobs for locals and is the largest industrial employer in the state. They are the leading manufacturer of aircraft carriers for the U.S. Navy. A significant portion of the local population includes the United States military members. In addition to all of these characteristics, the history and culture of this old colonial-style city can be seen everywhere you go.

I. The Hidenwood Community

Hidenwood is a beautiful and unique neighborhood in the suburbs. It is one of the handfuls in the country where all houses are free-standing single-family homes. Hidenwood is a lovely place to live, offering plenty of activities, events, and things to do, plus many local businesses to visit. The median home price in Hidenwood is $345.5K.

II. The Hilton Village

The historic Hilton Village has awe-inspiring cottage-style architecture that will take you back in time. You will also find plenty of quaint, locally owned small businesses and shops offering unique products and services. The average price of homes in Hilton Village is currently $375K.


Williamsburg is a historical and independent city that offers everyone something to love. The colonial town sits between the majestic James and Chickahominy Rivers. It is only about an hour’s drive from the Atlantic Ocean. The area is peaceful and is one of the most desirable places to live in the state. Yet, despite this, currently, the population is only about 14,900 residents.

I. The Holly Hills Community

Holly Hills neighborhood is a beautiful, welcoming, laid-back community of single-family detached homes. The community sits within walking distance of old Williamsburg, the campus of William and Mary, and Merchants Square. The median price of homes in the neighborhood is approximately $440,000K.

II. The Governor's Land at Two Rivers Community

You can enjoy the ultimate private country club lifestyle in the waterfront community of Governor’s Land at Two Rivers. The beautiful homes sit between the sublime James and Chickahominy Rivers on 1,400+ acres. It is a private community where you can live comfortably with peace of mind. The median house price in Governor’s Land at Two Rivers is higher than that of the other communities mentioned at approximately $848,750K.

Finding Your Home in the Right Community

Virginia sits snugly in the heart of the country. Moving to the state means enjoying the excellent economy, quality of life, and some of the best schools in America. You can explore the beautiful and unique cities and discover what makes this state so special. After spending time in the state and learning everything there is to relish, you will understand why they say “Virginia is for Lovers”.

Interested in finding your home in coastal Virginia? You’ll need an informed and confident realtor to assist you in the search and buying process. Contact me, Bubba Hutchison, and let’s start your journey towards homeownership in Virginia!



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