How to Find Your Dream Home When Supply is so Low?

How to Find Your Dream Home When Supply is so Low?

The number one way to get your dream house when supply is at its lowest, is you have to be prepared! It is important to have everything you need in advance so we are able to act quickly and stay competitive. Dream homes are out there, but once they are there, they are not going to last long. It is no surprise that fully updated properties in a great neighborhood go quick. If you are prepared to wave inspection or for informational purposes only, offer over asking price, and you have enough cash because you are working with a great lender to get you pre-approved and ready to rock N roll, you will do just fine in this market. I have seen much success with my clients offering more than the asking price because it shows the effort, it shows that you want it, and it protects the buyer. Success comes down to being prepared and working with the right people! I’m not saying that person is me…but I am (:



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