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The Ideal Communities of Newport News

If you want beautiful weather, pleasant living, affordable housing, and excellent education, the place to consider is Newport News, Virginia. Over the years, this once-small town has become a prime destination for people from all walks of life, and for good reasons. In today’s post, we’ll look at some of the ideal communities in Newport News and help you determine which one is right for you.

The History

Newport News was founded in 1880 as a quaint town, and just 16 years later in 1896, it was incorporated as a city. Throughout World Wars I and II, it was the headquarters for the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation. What was once a little town before became the eastern terminal of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Co. in the late 19th century. One of the larger companies in the region, The Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co, were established in 1886. In the present day, as of 2020, there were 70,376 recorded households in Newport News.

The Top 4 Communities in Newport News

There are many incredible neighborhoods within Newport News to call home. Here is 4 that you should consider!


Hidenwood is one of the ideal Newport News neighborhoods for couples looking to settle down. Located southwest of the downtown area, most Hidenwoods homes have a charming look and historical feel that dates back to the 1950s. There are also plenty of new and state-of-the-art apartments just a stone’s throw away from the James River. While most of these cost under $350K, some cost a whopping $400K+. This blend of traditional and modern architecture has branded Hidenwood as a desirable area setting the price high for most properties.

The Hidenwood Elementary School is home to a sizable library with a wealth of historical materials and architecture. If you like aquatic activities, you’ll be pleased to know Hidenwood offers many options, including Lake Queen Anne and Fisher’s Creek. Shopping centers, grocery stores, and other amenities are within walking distance, and residents of Hidenwood are in close proximity to Christopher Newport University.

Port Warwick

Port Warwick is the second largest planned community in the Oyster Point area in Newport. It is an award-winning, mixed-use, and urban-based project that rests on a 50-acre piece of land. As a pedestrian-oriented community, Port Warwick is the best place for young families in need of a place to let their kids wander around safely.

This neighborhood has many social amenities, upscale residences, restaurants, and more. Still, the home prices are surprisingly fair, with most ranging from 160K-280K. If you are looking for a safe, family-friendly, and affordable community, Port Warwick is the perfect destination.

Hilton Village

Hilton Village is a planned historical neighborhood designed in the 1920s by Henry Hubbard, named one of ‘America’s Great Neighborhoods’ by the American Planning Association. With about 500 English Cottage-style homes, Hilton Village is best known for its jaw-dropping architecture. Initially developed for Shipbuilding workers, the neighborhood has become home to over 25,345 residents.

Most houses are single-family homes and highly affordable, with average prices ranging from $150K- $300K for 2-4 bedroom homes. Hilton elementary school was built in 1919 and is classified as a blue-ribbon school due to its high academic history.
There are several bakeries, shops, antique stores, restaurants, and other establishments in the Hilton Village shopping district. In keeping with its reputation as a pet-friendly neighborhood, the West Village Bakery produces organic, all-natural dog treats that are safe for your furry friends. Furthermore, Hilton Village’s proximity to the James River makes it an excellent recreational hub for fishing and other aquatic activities.

Kiln Creek

Kiln Creek, ‘A Great Place To Be,’ is one of Newport’s largest planned residential communities. About 2,000 homes across the Kiln Creek neighborhood are home to over 12,000 residents. These sub-communities offer a wide range of options for townhomes, apartments, condos, and detached single-family homes. Most of the homes were built in the 1900s and provided homeowners with a pleasant living experience, which continues today. However, prices have increased due to the inflated housing market and increased demand, but more affordable options hover between $150K and $330K.

Menchville High School and Kiln Creek Elementary are some Newport News schools serving the Kiln Creek area. If golf is your game, consider checking out the Kiln Creek Golf Club & Resort if you want to try out the 18-hole championship golf course. The Kiln Creek Homeowners Association has a 4-acre complex with playgrounds, picnic areas, tennis courts, and an Olympic-sized pool for recreational purposes. They were also named the year’s top community association by the Community Associations Institute’s Southern Virginia branch in 2015.


Newport News is the perfect destination for couples, young professionals, or young families searching for an excellent, safe, and amenity-filled community. With many options available, one can easily find the ideal home, townhouse, or apartment in the ideal communities of Hilton Village, Kiln Creek, Hidenwood, and Port Warwick. 

In Newport News, there’s something for everyone.

Start the Process!

Interested in purchasing a home in the ideal communities of Newport News? Contact me to begin your journey to homeownership in Newport News. As a Virginia resident with years of experience in this market, you can trust that I have your best interests in mind and the knowledge to help you secure your dream home.



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